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Daniel F buildtherobots at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 16:25:12 UTC 2014

Good afternoon :)

tldr: I was wanting to bring arcades and pinball to EMF. Costs are
horrifically expensive. Do people actually want the machines there and is
anyone able/willing to help me out?

After getting back from helping with NERG
<http://www.northeastretrogaming.com/>, I had the great idea of bringing
some arcade machines to EMF.

The Awesome Retro <http://awesomeretro.com/> peoples are already bringing a
van load of consoles, so there's going to be plenty to play on, but I
thought some real arcades and maybe a couple of pinballs would be really

I have managed to beg and borrow machines from friends (and especially Retro
Games Party <http://www.retrogamesparty.co.uk/>) but the logistic costs
have gotten rapidly out of hand.

I have been looking at renting a tail-lift luton as it's the largest van
available and should hopefully fit 9 or 12 machines in it.
Renting a van + fuel or hiring a man+van both work out around the £660 mark
to do a trip from Leeds -> Bolton (RGP) -> EMF and then back again.
EMF have offered to help with some of the costs, but I'm going to be out of
pocket over £400 + ticket and that's before I've eaten anything ;)
 I can just about to afford to pay out this much, but it'd be the majority
of my 1 year bonus.... frankly I'm having a hard time convincing myself I
wouldn't get much more use/reward out of an dSLR or even a nice SDR... but
if a handful of people are enthusiastic over the idea of an arcade, we
should go for it :)

I guess what I'm wanting to know, is if anyone in particular really wants
the machines to come down, and if so is anyone able or willing to help me
I guess I also want to know if the consensus is just that it's a silly idea
to bring an arcade camping and that I should get over it.

I'm going to put off making a decision until this weekend. Anyone's
thoughts or ideas would be really appreciated; I'm somewhat at a loss of
what to do... in fact never mind somewhat...

Sorry to bore you all,
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